Love is for robots, too!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We’re definitely showing our robot, Donald Duct, a lot of love today. It’s more than deserving of all the attention we’re giving to it. I’m sure our significant others don’t mind, right? Today is notable not only for being Valentine’s Day, but also since there’s only a week left of build season! We believe that we’ve gotten our robot’s weight problem under control (getting in shape to impress your date on Valentine’s Day is always a good decision), and we’re fine-tuning lots of things, especially with software. Right now they’re spending a ton of time with the robot checking their coding and troubleshooting when necessary. 
This build season has really flown by. MMGF is finishing up our Chairman’s and Woody Flowers awards, which will be due at the end of tomorrow’s meeting. 
Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!

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