Robotics season is underway yet again! The 2012/2013 FTC members are excited to begin strategizing and building this year’s robot, while the FRC team is busy speculating what this season’s game might entail (water game?). We’re a little more than just excited for the new season; even during preseason, all the members are gearing up and working hard towards success.  Looking around, all the students and mentors had intense looks on their faces; it was a little intimidating approaching them!  The determination was palpable in the air.  Despite that, we interviewed a few members and mentors on the team about FIRST robotics, the FTC game, and the upcoming FRC season.

When asked about his expectations for Robotics this year, Team Advisor Nathan Knauss stated, “[I’m] looking for the team’s progression and improvements and I think we’ll grow a lot from the experience last year.”  We then asked how the loss of seniors would impact the team, and he confidently replied, “No, that won’t affect us.  It’ll give a chance for the underclassmen to step up and fill their shoes, and there’s some good leadership.”

We also interviewed a couple of the students, including seniors Bobby Meelu and Ella Seeman, both of whom have been part of Robotics for all four years of high school.  Bobby, who is part of the software department, discussed what Robotics has taught him.  He said, “I know more about the applicational side of what I learn in the classroom.”  Truer words have never been said.  Robotics enables students to utilize concepts taught in classes in a more realistic sense, as they are confronted with new problems daily.  Ella Seeman, member of the electrical department and scout leader, is also a mentor for FTC this year.  When asked about the FTC game, she replied, “[It’s] interesting; there are a lot of ways to score points.”  We ended by asking Ella whether she was excited for this year’s season, to which she happily replied, “Yes!  Who isn’t?”

These past few weeks all the departments have been working diligently.  From trying to make a new website to fixing up Donald Duct, there is something for everyone to do.  Most departments are working on their own individual projects in preparation for the kick off and build season in the upcoming winter.

We hope that everyone enjoyed reading this post!  We are all very excited to blog about upcoming events and we look forward to keeping everyone posted about FIRST and Storm Robotics.  

And just some final words to leave off with: It’s yet another year; another year to look forward to overworked students, long hours, and the loud, yet therapeutic sounds of the bandsaw.  So let’s toast to the upcoming Robotics season!  Go FIRST!

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