Our CAD Department has been working on making digital prototypes of the robot models along with designing our STORMie awards to give to other teams during competitions. This is our way of showing appreciation for other teams; your robot stands out among the rest. More recently they have been finalizing and digitizing the robots “specialties” such as climbing and shooting. These digital sketches help give mechanical, electrical, and programming an idea for how each aspect of the robot will come together and function properly.

Software is working vigorously to make sure that throughout the competition we have full contact and use the robot to the best of our abilities to complete our goals and maximise its potential. They are mainly focusing on 3 objectives: automated shooting, autonomous function, and climbing. In Automated shooting they are aiming to be able to camera track targets using the metallic tape on the rims of goals; they are also looking to always have feedback for the loop speed. During autonomous they are looking to have the most effective shooting position along with being able to shoot 3 disks to have 18 pts at the end of the round. During the climbing portion of the game, they are beginning to work with Mechanical to figure out a way to involve their sensors so our climbing device will work smoothly.

Program Management is very unique amongst the rest of the sub sections.  They set goals for every day of the week, making sure they get all of their goals done. They are the group that handles all the behind scenes work, like: advertising, pit design, blogging, and anything else that needs to be done not relating to a certain subsection. They have recently been working on a brand new pit design that will provide a cool working space for everyone on the team. They update the website so all of you who are reading this now can view what is happening. They also blog all of the accomplishments the team has had along with the daily things they do. They also make a presentation for CDR, this is where some members of the teams go present what they have done on the robot to Lockheed Martin, our main sponsor.

Electrical has set many goals for the 2013 season. These include staying neat and organized throughout the year. This is at their top priority, so if the robot needs repair on the field it is easier to access the areas which need to be fixed. Electrical is there to correspond with the robot’s needs and also to help Software work out their sensors. They have also come up with a plan to help students for the future years to come. This will help electrical start off with a quicker pace having more knowledge at their fingertips.

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