Despite it being midterm week here, it’s been a pretty productive week at STORM!  After discussing some ideas, we immediately set to work prototyping the designs.  Thus far, we have set up a practice goal and a prototype shooter that has managed to shoot the frisbee through the three point slot a couple times!  Some kids are working to perfect the shooter design, others are making a climber design, and some others are constructing a field for practice.  

Meanwhile, we are also prepping for our annual Critical Design Review (CDR) presentation, to be held at Lockheed Martin on February 8th.  In this formal presentation, we will give an update on the progress of our team this build season.  The presentation is comprised of a few speakers and a video to accompany them.  Not only does it keep Lockheed Martin updated on our progress, but it also gives our students an opportunity to present material in a professional, business setting.

Along with the robot and CDR, Program Management has also been trucking ahead with the new pit design.  Maybe you’ve seen us around with our old design?  We were the bright orange and red tent-like structure.  This year, we are going from a carnivalesque look to a more clean and professional look.  Some new components we’re adding this year are square t-slot columns used as display and storage and foam tiles on the floor for added comfort and minimization of fatigue.  In addition, we’ve been thinking about giveaways to put in it!  Thus far, we’ve contemplated a number of things, including wristbands, keychains, and rally towels.  There’s a lot to look at, but we’re growing, trying to find the best quality and cost efficient items we can.

There’s just so much to do, in so little time!  It’s definitely been a very busy week and everyone is working hard.  Stay tuned for more blogs from other departments and members of STORM.   

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