Program management has finished creating our CDR presentation together.  CDR, which stands for Critical Design Review, happened Friday, February 8th at Lockheed Martin. CDR is where we present our robot and everything we have done since day one of build season. It was a team effort to put together and present CDR in a professional manner. Our mentors helped us through this process by sitting down with each presenter to create and edit their slides; late Thursday, February 7th all of the presenters got together for a dry run of our presentations and got feedback from our mentors.  We also re-ran through our presentations so we were fully prepared and comfortable with it. Also, Program Management has been doing much more: designing buttons, stickers and name tags for each member. So far we have come up with several button designs to try and find one we like best; soon we will begin to design stickers as a possible giveaway. We are also going to create name tags for each member, so during competitions other teams are able to identify each individual STORM member with ease. 

-Rose Borstad
Graphics Lead

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