Electrical Improvements

Hi, I’m Gabe Casciato, member of the electrical sector of the STORM Robotics team.  So far, electrical work on the robot has gone quite well.  On this year’s (currently unnamed) robot, we’re doing things a bit differently compared to last year’s robot, Donald Duct.  Our emphasis this year is on the compactness and simplicity of the electrical system.  Below is an outline of this year’s electrical system “”features””:

cRIO- This year, we’re using the 4-port cRIO, instead of the 8-port.  This provides a space savings of about 10 square inches.

Speed Controllers- Instead of using Jaguars, we are using the Victor speed controller for all motors.  This provides a slight space savings.

Sensors- So far, we’ve installed rotary encoders, limit switches, current sensors, and a Hall Effect sensor on the robot.  And I believe they’re even all implemented in software.

These improvements will greatly increase our power efficiency, give more room to mechanical devices, and reduce weight/size.  But most importantly, the electrical system is much easier to fix now when it breaks, which is an inevitable occurrence.

-Gabe Casciato
Electrical Member

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