Gyro, Accelerometer, Cameras, Oh My!

Software has been working on getting all the robot systems working together and on adding more sensors in order to allow the robot to better respond to its environment. For example, we recently added a gyro and we are using it to provide feedback on how far the robot has turned. Another example is that right now, Joe is working with an accelerometer to allow us to detect the angle of the tilter. Hopefully these two sensors, in conjunction with the camera, will allow us to have the robot automatically aim at the target. There may be a bit of driver correction to fix it, but the goal is to have the driver do as little aiming as possible. The more the robot can handle by itself, the less the driver has to worry about, meaning the driver can concentrate on more important things.

Since we can can pretty easily make all of the parts work (driving the motors and such is not really hard), the goal now is to make all the parts work in conjunction so the robot does most of the work. That way, the drivers’ jobs will be as easy as possible.
-Evan Allan
Software Member

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