It’s Monday and we are in good shape.  The robot has been mechanically complete since Saturday, enabling some very successful trials.  The loading and shooting mechanism was working flawlessly.  Reliable systems are a beauty to watch.  We had to do some serious work Saturday to get to this point.  Our sajeeler bucket had allowed the disks to settle over each other.  A sheet metal insert was rolled up and welded so that the disks sit right on top of one another now.  
Our climber is working as well.  The system works in conduction with the existing tilting mechanism perfectly.  Its a fast and simple mechanism.
Today, there seem to be some problems with the shooter motor getting up to speed.  Its a mystery since no one touched it since Saturday.  No mechanical problems though, so its all waiting.
Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with the whole robot and our team’s efforts.  Its sturdy, stable, and effective.
Bill Twomey
Mechanical Lead

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