Wow, double goals met!

Many years of hard work, set goals, and dedication came together this weekend for our team at the Lenape-Seneca FIRST Qualifier.  The team is honored to have earned the District’s Chairman’s Award and were also the District Winners along with our alliance partners FRC316 and FRC2495.

Electra and her drivers performed well during qualifiers finishing as the 4th seed with a 9 win, 3 loss record.  The team was in 1st place at the end of Friday and came in to Saturday with the hope to hold our position with 3 matches left to be played.  Unfortunately, Electra had other plans in mind Sunday morning her tilt table popped out of its pulleys one match and lost a chain on our drive in another.  The students fixed everything up and everything was up hill from there.

We were lucky enough to be selected by FRC316, the Lunatecs, and added FRC2495, Hamilton West Robotics for our eliminations alliance.  We played some tough matches the entire afternoon and were able to get to the end to secure our team’s first ever District win!

The awesomeness of that afternoon did end there.  As we were taking our team picture to celebrate the District in, they begin to announce the Chairman’s Award winning team.  In the midst of organizing our photo, the team began to hear subtle hints of our outreach efforts and work throughout our 5 years to the crowd.  They called our number and wow!  It’s still hard to describe the feelings our students, mentors, and parents were feeling but we know what the responsibility holds.  Thank you to all of the teams for the congratulations and praise we’ve received over the last few days.  We’re completely honored.

We were also lucky enough to win the award in the presence of some of our alumni who got us going.  We’d also like to recognize our sponsors who have provided us with so many resources that allow us to grow our program over the last 5 seasons.

From here, it’s on to the Mid-Atlantic Robotics Region Championship April 11-13th.  We look forward to seeing our MAR friends there and can’t wait to tell our story to the Chairman’s judges.

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