October 1, 2013

 Today, I worked on team organization. A successful team must effectively communicate. I’m trying to make that easier using a real engineering method called SCRUM.
Last week I wrote the stories, which include the elements of the robot and what classifies them as complete. Today, I wrote the individual tasks that need to be accomplished in order for that aspect to be finished. The tasks were put on sticky notes, then all put in the corresponding row in the ‘Not Started’ row. As the tasks are being worked on, the sticky notes will be moved into the ‘In Progress’ column. Once the task is completely finished, the note will be moved into the ‘Done’ column. This process was taught to me by one of our mentors, Aron, an engineer from Lockheed Martin. SCRUM allows the entire team to understand why they are working on a certain part of the robot, and how everything will work together in the end. This boards will keep us on task and monitor our progress. I’m looking forward to moving a sticky note to the ‘Done’ column. The goal is to get everyone to check into the board every meeting and move their stickies. 
Until next time,
Grace Stridick
4390 Team Captain

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