4390 Engineering Notebook

October 10

The goal of today was to leave with a fully assembled chassis and flag turner. And we finished the chassis!
We had to remove the front motors to leave room for the block holder and arms.
After Saturday’s match we will possibly try a different configuration to include four motors, but for now this will get our robot moving. Today was a good day for me personally. I got to work in the metal shop and construct the cross beams of the chassis. I learned how to use a hack saw and a drill press. This week we divided up the work well, and I feel that no one was just sitting around waiting for something to do.  The flag turner is mostly complete and was tested. The motor was ran and we could see how the whole mechanism will spin. The only thing left to do is to extend the pegs that will “grip” the flag handle. 

Scouting planning was also started this week.  Basic sheets were drafted and ideas were drawn out on the whiteboard. 
We have recruited some new people this year, so today was mostly designated to explaining the process and showing last years sheets.
Next meeting we will attach the flag raiser to the chassis, and hopefully get both those pieces running. My goal is to also have the block holder and arm almost finished. We only have two more meetings before our very first competition. A lot of work still needs to be completed.  As long as everyone works together, I believe we will be able to get a running robot by next Saturday. I’m excited to see what other teams came up with and to see how our robot compares. 
Until next time,
Grace Stridick
4390 Team Captain

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