FTC430 Engineering Notebook

Today we focused on editing our robot based off of any suggestions we had made Saturday during the Duel on the Delaware. One of the major things that needed to be changed was the size of our robot. We exceeded the size requirements by a quarter of an inch length wise which we have to adjust. We ended up removing about an inch and a quarter from the chassis as well as shrink the scoop and rake which is our block device. Now that the robot’s dimensions are corrected, there is an extra inch of space that can be used to our advantage by changing the size of our flag raiser. We are able to extend the length of the poles on the interface of the turning device, assuring that a firm and sturdy grip on the flag crank can be achieved. This maximizes our rate of success. In addition to changing the length of the poles we are also experimenting with our gear ratios. By doing so it will allow us to achieve the maximum height to recieve the most points in a short amount of time.

Sara Toner

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