FRC 2729 Software Department

            Clap, clap, WHOOSH!  Clap, clap, WHOOSH!  Clap, clap, WHOOSH!

            That chant filled the arena at the Duel on the Delaware on Saturday each time STORM was announced.  The atmosphere at the competition was charged with suspense, hope, and—most importantly—camaraderie.

            The entire scouting crew, led by Evan, did a commendable job interacting with and befriending our competitors:  mementos include duct tape, buttons, and quite a few zip ties.  STORM even earned a Twitter shout-out from 1089!  Every single team exuded gracious professionalism, helping each other out in sticky situations.  Even STORM needed some help from our peers, who loaned a crucial controller to Yianni.

            Devon and I tried our hands at feeding Frisbees to Electra, which went without a hitch.  STORM occupied the third seed at the end of the qualification matches, entering the playoffs with a record of 4-1.  All our scouting paid off when we chose 1370 Thermogenesis and 1626 Falcon Robotics as our alliance members.

            Riccardo, Tom, and everyone else in our alliance worked hard to take us all the way to the semifinals in spite of extensive damage to the Falcons’ bot.  We won round one, lost round two by a hair, and ultimately fell out of the bracket in round three of the semifinals.  Our opposition was more than formidable, and we tip our hats to their skills.

            It’s very difficult to pick out one highlight of the day, but the moment we were announced as the TARDIS (Technologically Advanced Robots Demonstrating Innovative Success) Award winners for our innovative shooting mechanism must take the cake.  We are all anticipating the upcoming Ramp Riot competition on November 2!

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