Week 3 PM blog

It’s almost time for the Ramp Riot!  And today is our last meeting before the competition—yikes!  That’s almost as scary as the Halloween festivities responsible for our cancellation next week.
            Tonight in D-108, we’re joined by a team from the mechanical department that is currently brushing up on their CAD skills.  Their project is to design and build a scissor lift for the fall play.
            Program management is prepping for the upcoming competition by researching the participants.  Dom is organizing all of his findings into an Excel spreadsheet.
            We are also continuing our long-term projects to stay ahead of the game.  Tommy is designing our PowerPoint template, and Josh is hard at work on Illustrator improving our STORM logos while Ken edits photos.
I will leave you with an insightful and inspirational quote from The Great Mr. Hessler:  “We have a fantastic team this year and I have high expectations.  Every department is strong and creative, except for program management.”  Although instead of “except for program management,” I think he actually said, “Devon and Maddie get extra credit.”  Definitely.

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