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Since STORM Robotics began holding offseason meetings, it has been the focus of the CAD Department to find a task that we do well and other teams may not. For this reason, the CAD team chose to learn how to use the animation tools available in Autodesk Inventor. While this was a foreign concept to us at first, as it is not covered in a standard drafting and design class, we slowly began to make improvements. We began by using the tutorial files available with the Inventor software. Our first successful animation was a simple arbor press where we were able to portray the accurate motion of all the parts. After learning the basics of animation, we began to turn to more complicated projects. Some members began animating parts from the FTC robot, while others have been working on various other animations related to the “STORM” name, such as animating a tornado that spins around a fixed point on its base, or lightning that falls from storm clouds. Hopefully this skill will pay dividends for us in the future.

Another important aspect of our offseason meetings is that there are many members of the CAD team who have little experience with Autodesk Inventor. While more experienced members have been working on animation, these inexperienced members have been working diligently to familiarize themselves with the software so that they are ready come build season. These members have covered a variety of basic Inventor topics such as 2D sketches, extrusions, rotations, constraints, and many more.

Overall, the CAD Department has had a few very successful meetings to begin our season, and we hope that this continues. All of our members have expanded their knowledge of Autodesk Inventor, and hopefully this will allow us to work quickly and efficiently once build season begins.

Matt Kasper
CAD Team Member

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