Saturday, October 26
Today Sara and I went to Lockheed to help one of our mentors with a class he runs. Many middle schoolers from the area come and are taught how to use the Lego kits and the NXT. Our robots were also there. It allowed the students to see what the next step in their robot career can be.
During the class, the kids had to build an arm to throw a little plastic ball as far as they could. We helped the students test them and gave suggestions on how to improve their throwing capability. We taught them that to throw far, you have to release early. After running the throwing competition, we announced the winner. After the class ended, we talked with other Lockheed engineers about their jobs. It helped me understand what kind of job I can get in this field. I need to keep my options open.
Until next time,
Grace Stridick
4390 Team Captain 

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