FTC4390-Engineering Notebook

Today was the Fall Harvest Qualifier! There were so many amazing teams that showed up. Today was so important for our team and we learned as well as accomplished so much! During the competition, our robot was able to hang, raise the flag and drive up on the ramp during autonomous! As a team we had never tried to hang before, so being able to was a great surprise. Also, we came up with the code for driving on the ramp during the competition as well! Until our next meet we will probably try to perfect these new activities and test them multiple times so we have a greater chance for these functions to work. Also, our flag crank worked 100% of the time it was lined up correctly to the post so it is definitely a reliable part of our robot that guarantees us 35 pts. every round. Glad to have this source of practice!

Sara Toner
Program Management

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