The drawer slides of the arm had a few problems that we had to fix this meeting. The arm kept getting stuck because when we were working on them before the ball bearings fell out. We found them all and put the arm back together but it wasn’t running smoothly even when we added grease. We had two extra drawer slides that we switched to. We added the necessary parts from the old arm. The second problem was that the spotwelded eye bolts were not holding well. When the string moved, the eyebolts and even the some of the spotwelded parts came off. We solved this by welding a small strip of metal to the top of the inner slide. We drilled a hole in it so the string would go directly through it and there will be less torque. We decided to keep the eyebolts on the bottom of the middle slide but to shorten the eyebolts, again lowering the torque. And finally, another group of people from mechanical used a flat brace to organize the strings so they wouldn’t get stuck in the gear. We still have to restring the arm and work out a few electrical problems.

Julie Schell

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