The following is a snapshot of what our team is up to at the moment:


We started working on the pneumatic catapult yesterday. Welding was done in the metal shop and most are the parts are completed, now everything just needs to be put together. The Piston will be put on the catapult today and will be tested.


We have been working on our scouting app for smart phones. It will convert information gathered by the user and send the information between phones without phone service or internet connection. As of now, we have the transfer device completed and are currently working on the user interface.


We successfully linked our addressable LED system to the robot tonight, so now we can control the LEDs based on what’s happening on the robot. Currently, we have it hooked up to a button on the controller, which cycles through all available modes. The LEDs now have a new mode: Patriotic!

We also set up the new camera we will be using this year, verified that Talons work as we expected, and began to test a Bang-Bang Controller as a possible new feedback controller for any controlled spinning parts on the robot.

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