Friday Team Update

Midterms are just around the corner…but in the meantime, Storm is hard at work on everything from the robot to awards.

Here are updates from each sub-team:

Scouting Our progress today added additional functionality to the ongoing app development process. We also began our efforts regarding database coding, which will soon be integrated amid our other app software.
Software Evan bought a new computer. Tim again worked on the vision system. Matt continued to work on the winch and pneumatic subsystem. Garrett learned how to use digital infrared sensors. Erik worked on the vision system commands and subsystem.
CAD Today we finished the new intake system along with making updates to the catapult. Also we continued integrating robot systems within the overall system.
Program Management Today our team started the business plan for our financial status. The newsletter also was started today and our team is going to make sure that our sponsors will know what is going on in the game. Finally, the CDR video was started and is in progress.

The end of build season is only 25 days away!

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