Storm Robotics & It’s Leaders

I think we all have had those times where we get disorganized. This year, the Storm Robotics mentors put directors in place of our sub-teams in FRC.
These members are not meant to be the only brain for their team since all of our team members bring a specific advantage to us. Directors are meant to make sure each sub-team knows what to do. These individuals should be proud to lead our team and keep in mind, if any member applies themselves, they will promptly be promoted.

A list of these individuals will be provided below:


GiaMarie Mandilian

Technical Director

Matt Kasper

Director of Competition and Operations

Khushul Patel

Director of Programming and Controls

Prath Kotgire, Tim Gordon

Director of Scouting and Strategy

Grace Striddick

Director of Digital Communication

Josh Gould

All unfilled positions are due to a low member availability in our Program Management team. Here we are looking to fill with FTC members for the time being.

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