Engineering Inspiration!

First off, congratulations on the team’s work this weekend.

The Engineering Inspiration Award is the second highest award a team can win at a competition behind the Chairman’s Award.  It is an award that recognizing our team’s efforts promoting engineering in our community and our efforts to create a sustainable organization that can operate for years to come.

Here’s what the judges said about our team.

Great efforts were put into play behind the scenes with our Chairman’s presenters of course, but all of the team’s individual efforts throughout the weekend also contributed.  Storm Robotics was clearly present at the event and fully engaged. So good job Storm!

We are now 1 of 7 teams who are eligible to win this award at MAR Champs.

MAR Champs is the only thing between us and a return to Worlds

The team has earned a spot to compete for the Engineering Inspiration Award at MAR Champs through a process similar to Chairman’s, and two of the seven teams will earn a spot at the FIRST World Championship!  The unique thing about this award is that it does not automatically advance our robot into the tournament, we will still need to be among the top 50 teams in the region to compete in that portion of the tournament.

Our robot is (as of this post) in 19th place with 60 points, so we are eligible but there are still teams who need to compete at their second event.

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