Looking Forward

As the “official” robotics season and the school year comes to a close, Storm is looking forward to the future. After holding an exceptional BBQ and a phenomenal car wash fund raiser, team members are ending their season with success. Students who are returning have had the opportunity to apply for leaderships positions, enabling them to “take charge” of the team and lead themselves and their teammates to success.

Unfortunately, with the end of the school comes the departure of Storm’s senior students. Whether they have served one year or four, Storm Robotics will never forget the dedication and passion all students brought to the season, and Storm bids farewell and good luck to seniors in their future endeavors . As senior students exit both Storm and high school, new students have begun to submit applications for the 2015-2016 season, eager to participate in an amazing year for FTC 4390, FTC 7433, or FRC 2729.

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