CDR is usually the first event of the season that the team has been highly anticipating and we all look forward to attending this year. Mechanical is currently using one of the newest tools in our arsenal, the CNC, or computer numerical control machine, to make the parts necessary for our robot. The prototypes and the main chassis have all been rendered on CAD so now they are looking forward to developing a functioning robot after this Saturday. Electrical has helped software tinker with the Proportional Integral Derivative controller, which will make the motors on the robot spin at a constant rate. The controller they worked on today will be integrated into the firing mechanism and hopefully we’ll be able to demo what our prototypes capable of during CDR. Software is still hard at work writing code for the robot and most recently, they have gotten very close to completing our new scouting app! Stay tuned for future details on how your team can utilize it. Lastly program management is finishing up the Chairman’s award and Woodie Flowers award that are due tomorrow as well as wrapping up the finishing touches of our brand new CDR video! Good luck to the other teams who are attending CDR as well!


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