Hatboro-Horsham Recap

This weekend past (March 5-March 6) was Storm’s first competition with our newly released robot, Hephaestus in the Hatboro-Horsham competition in Pennsylvania. All of our efforts throughout the build season accumulated to this point and we were all eager to see what our robot could do. Our team definitely showed immense enthusiasm and it’s safe to say that we were one of the most excited teams because we won the Spirit Award, but we faced many difficulties and unexpected problems that challenged our overall performance. Storm was 33rd place in the end and morale was low; the team didn’t foresee this happening at all. Some of the technical problems we faced were the chain popping off, the shooter breaking, the beaver tail falling off, and the climbing mechanism falling off. Pretty bad problems right?

Even though these hardships were detrimental, they are better for us in the future. In order to improve yourself, you need to see and acknowledge your faults. The team faced problems, but we can reevaluate ourselves, look at our problems, and come up with solutions to propel ourselves to victory! Allison Mosley of Program Management recalls an inspirational speech from Mr. Scott during the competition where our robot is like a character in the story. In a real story, a character doesn’t start off on top of the world. They need to work their way up and ultimately face hardships to develop and become a truly dynamic character. Hephaestus is this character and our team is this character. Storm and Hephaestus aren’t static characters, we will encounter problems, but we will develop in the long run.



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