Daily Archives: April 23, 2016

Redesigning Storm

This season’s problems helped us see what needed to be fixed and how to confront them. It’s sort of like trying to find a way to eat disgusting vegetables on your dinner plate in the most efficient manner. The team is undergoing a top to bottom redesign and we aren’t just changing how we build our robot, we’re changing everything.  We are staying true to the engineering process and looking at our previous issues and how to solve them. We are going to change our scheduling for one. This season was filled with cramming, too much to be honest. The departments were up to 11:00 on some nights trying to get things done. Next year, we are vying for a more streamlined and smooth timeline. The team wants to make use of the preseason to prep for the build season. This includes preparing chassis and other robot designs as well as training. As of right now, we are planning to design new and better chassis.

We are also trying to find a way to improve the planning and organizational aspects of the team. One method we are trying is to develop a detailed project plan so the team can have a clear of idea of what to build and how to fix or add something if some gears get a little a rusty per se. Good planning also comes with good organization; you can’t have a PB & J without the jelly. This means we are trying to promote documentation so that any piece of information is a click away and is available for posterity. Program Management also is working on the crayon mold for the LARC school and so far we have a basis for what the mold would look like. Any developments on the crayon mold are being documented as to follow our new design process. PM is planning to make a prototype and learn how to use the CNC machines, exciting! Even though build season is over, work still continues in order to make next season a success.

Post Season

Seneca Recap

On the days of March 19 and March 20, Storm Robotics attended the competition at Seneca. We were pretty positive and determined to make a comeback from our slump at Hatboro-Horsham. The team got together the night before and some massive planning was underway. Mechanical and Software departments were making changes and adding new additions and lines of code to ensure that Hephaestus was up to speed. Along with all of this, the mentors gave positive speeches so when the going gets tough, we still show the robotics world that Storm is spirited and enjoy robots whether we are in the top ten or the bottom ten.

Hephaestus made an appearance in the practice sessions and managed to shoot, even better scored a few goals! The team was roaring from the bleachers and couldn’t wait to see how our bot did in the actual rounds. Hephaestus did indeed put up a good show as we managed to score a few goals with pin-point accuracy. The shooter which was a bit problematic during Horsham, finally came through during Seneca and was a key component in contributing to our team. The rounds continued to pass and our robot became less and less efficient. Day two of the competition was also a struggle as the damage from the previous day carried over. We ranked low, but despite the trials and tribulations, the team still kept cheering whether it be our robot on the court or supporting our teammates. We did manage to win the Gracious Professionalism Award though, proving that we are still a capable and well-rounded team.

Horsham and Seneca was a wake up call for our team. All of our problems have exposed and we were determined to engineer solutions as we always have done. A fire had been born, a fire that burns with our determination and our will to move on. We cannot remain in the past, but with the our previous knowledge and experience. we will prove that Storm is a force to be reckoned with.

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