A month of school has already passed and the gears are being greased. Storm FRC is back and we’re ready to kick off the 2017 year with a bang! Storm has a new policy now and hopefully with this mindset we can ride into the winner’s gallery. This year the team is planning to optimize and simplify. Storm has managed to take away the events from the previous year and use this to elevate ourselves to new heights. Storm is currently undergoing a metamorphosis so to say and we are optimizing ourselves from head to toe. Get it, get it? Anyway, Storm has got a plan from day one and each and every one of us has a task to do.

Organization is probably one of the things that we have always wanted to improve so we are we going to put on the gloves and dive deep into the storage. I swear upon the Gods of Robotics that our storage facility will look like as clean and accessible as the homepage of Google. Okay, well maybe a tad bit more complicated, but we get the point. We are also brushing up on our pre-season goals and this includes the tasks of the Build Team, Software, and Scouting. Mechanical is streamlining their entire process and embarking on tasks that will ease the work when build season comes around. Some of these tasks include chassis planning, robot testing, and training for upcoming players. Software is bringing the new guys up to speed and no doubt, preparing their suite of programs. Then there’s the Scouting team which already has a plan to upgrade the Scouting App. Improving on an app that has already been downloaded internationally can only get better, right?

I can’t forget about Program Management either, but lets talk about some updates that PM went through. First, Program Management isn’t called Program Management anymore, it’s called Business and Marketing or BAM for short. The objectives of BAM haven’t changed from our previous moniker, but there’s always room for improvement. I would like to address the amount of crunch time that my department and I went through last year and the workload was enormous. We are making full use of the pre-season to educate the new peeps and planning out who will do what like writing awards or graphic design.

The team is electrified with excitement and morale is high. Storm is looking forward to an eventful year and we are all eager to hop back in, slap on the goggles, and get STORMing


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