Going in to Build Season!

Takes a lot more than snow to stop the buzz of excitement that running through Storm! We got hit with a snowstorm on Saturday so our kickoff was cancelled, but our drive to succeed was not quelled. On Monday, we got together and went right to the nitty-gritty. We all reviewed the concept of the game and began with coming up with strategy and the initial design.  The game Steamworks shows three ways to score: shooting balls, picking up gears, and climbing the rope. Strategies immediately began pouring in: people were pretty passionate about their ideas. The entire team practically agreed that picking up and delivering the gears was the top priority. The rope was placed at second priority, but shooting the balls at the high or low goal was considered.  The priorities are evolving though and it’s in the realm of possibility that we will explore other avenues. We are currently going through possible characteristics for the chassis and actual components that can make us score points. The lesson was about considering the consequences of our desired design choice. Should our bot be small or tall, narrow or wide? Indecisiveness is out of the question and the team needs to explore every possible option so we can see what will work the best. Allocating our time and resources to prototyping these designs/components also needs to be considered. There’s no point testing something that won’t work in the end, right?

The departments branched off today and are getting straight to work. Mechanical is exploring the options that were talked about on Monday, but are diving more in depth about the balls. Things like ball trajectory are being researched. Wiffle ball shooters are being looked at for inspiration. Software has basically divided into two sub-groups: robot code and scouting app code. Ideas about to adjust and improve the scouting app were being explored. Both sides of the app were being considered, meaning the user app and the master app. The robot code team is working on adjusting their code for the new motors the team got. BAM has gone off to BAM land and talked about future awards. Leads to these awards have been assigned and new team members are doing research on what the awards are all about.

This build season holds a lot of promises for the future and the opportunity to qualify for some sweet, sweet tournaments (i.e. MAR and Worlds). Last year taught us a lot about how we can better ourselves for this year or how Knauss likes to put it, “optimizing”. We got a clear plan and streamlined work schedule. Everyone knows what they’re doing, but most importantly, everyone is upbeat. The amazing year has begun! Cheers!

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