Storm Watch and Other Stuff

It’s already the third day and so much is being done! The robot could even be done weeks before Bag Day at this rate. Okay, maybe not, but morale is high and the team is determined. Lot’s of new developments are underway and maybe something called Storm Watch rings a bell.

Storm Watch is our team’s weekly vlog where we keep all you guys informed about what’s going on within the teams. We interview people, look at design, and do other fun stuff with the students and mentors. Our video series is under new management and we got a new set of lovely hosts: Liam and Allison. The first season of Storm Watch was a little bit rough around the edges, but this year will introduce a more refined product and new amazing content. Keep your eyes out for the first vlog of the year.

CDR is also underway and BAM is thinking of freshening the presentation. The overall theme might be changed and the CDR video is also in the works. The video is not your simple Movie Maker project and requires a touch of “Hollywood” per se. Things like the premise or theme need to be set and have to encompass what our team is all about. Some of the new members of BAM are working on the CDR and learning the ropes of the presentation. The CDR is an amazing method for rookies since they need to venture away from BAM Land and interact with the other departments, make friends, and promote teamwork.

Robot development is going smoothly and everyone is hard at work. But let’s get into some specifics. A method of a ball intake is being planned and actually involves some pretty ingenious improvising. Buying things and improvising are two completely different playing fields, we ourselves see ourselves as the latter. The chassis is being designed in CAD, but of nothing is set in stone of course. We go through a lot of various designs, but it’s better to keep other options open. Software is doing some vision things for the robot which will definitely help with the ball shooting if we decide to go down that route. The scouting app is undergoing its usual optimization, but to accelerate the process, the team has divided the app into smaller tasks. App issues will be handled by others so the development of the app is not being hindered. And how are things going on in the electrical department you say? Well, all the electrical components are in place, but some networking things with the router and the roboRIO. Workarounds are underway and there’s no doubt in our minds that this problem can be solved.

Productiveness has gone through the roof and will probably reach space with the amount of progress we’re at right now. We’re all excited and we hope you guys are too for what is to come. Ciao!

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