The Sky’s The Limit!

Good evening everyone or morning or night depending on your location. Storm is back to give you guys another daily update about what’s going on. People have made significant progress on their projects and announced when we can see working versions. The departments announced that many of the prototypes were practically done and required maybe a day or two to be finished. It seems like this year’s work plan has accelerated the progress of all of our projects. Not a bad thing, not at all.

About a minute into the blog and there’s already a functional shooter prototype out in the hallway, spitting balls 50 feet in the air (don’t quote me on that). The shooter concept is amazing though and could end up to a very efficient way for us to score and be a valuable member in our alliance. The shooter is even attached to our intake system which will also need to be working to get an exact working prototype. This design will definitely help us figure out how our bot might perform on the field. Another thing that will help us are a new pair of wheels ready to burn. The Build Team is fitting some new wheels on our shiny new chassis that is undergoing the robotic equivalent of a manicure. No seriously, people are filing down the edges to a fine point.

Software actually was testing their movement code during the weekend meet out in the hallway and there is certainly some oomph in those lines of codes (not literally of course). They are also working on the LEDs and talked about their functionality to change color when the robot is having some issues. And on the topics of issues, BAM is having some issues. Pun issues. BAM has decided that good old puns were needed for all of our Instagram posts and for our daily videos. Don’t worry, no puns will be spoiled in this post.

The anticipation of a finished product is sky high and there’s no doubt that everyone wants to see the real thing out in front of an audience. The day of the first competition might seem far, but it’ll be here sooner than we think. Here’s to hoping for a fruitful build season. Clap, clap, whoosh!!

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