Ken Ying


CDR might be over for this year, but that isn’t going to slow Storm down. Even after presenting at Lockheed Martin, the team continues to push forward in preparation for our first competition at Hatboro-Horsham! Mechanical has already gone to work on assembling the chassis and our main end effector, the Beaver Tail. After taking a look back at 2012’s game, Rebound Rumble, the team decided to model this year’s end effector after another team’s previous robot. Electrical and software is now testing our shooter using the latest version of our test bed, the Magic Box. Meanwhile, Program management has been finishing up our Entrepreneurship award and released the newest episode of our weekly vlog, Storm Watch! Click on the link below to view it!

The CDR Experience

“This is my rookie year on STORM and CDR is something ambiguous to me. I’ve worked on it a little bit, but I didn’t really see the significance in the power point. Why do we need to put all this info on display? Can it help us in the future? These were my initial thoughts until each department began to make more developments and the pieces of the puzzles came together. CDR was our blueprint of our design process and the name of Critical Design Review started to make more sense. All of this documentation was our plan for the future and how we envision our robot to turn out. Everything on the slides was a progress report and showed our process of developing strategies to different robot designs. Then we got to Lockheed Martin and saw other teams show their design process. The whole experience was very educational as I saw how other teams planned out their designs. The questions asked by the judges also allowed us to think ahead and how we can improve. Hopefully, CDR is sign of good things to come during the 2016 year and brings our team victory.”

Quoted from Krisna Mompho: Rookie in Program Management


Our Midseason Milestone, CDR

CDR is usually the first event of the season that the team has been highly anticipating and we all look forward to attending this year. Mechanical is currently using one of the newest tools in our arsenal, the CNC, or computer numerical control machine, to make the parts necessary for our robot. The prototypes and the main chassis have all been rendered on CAD so now they are looking forward to developing a functioning robot after this Saturday. Electrical has helped software tinker with the Proportional Integral Derivative controller, which will make the motors on the robot spin at a constant rate. The controller they worked on today will be integrated into the firing mechanism and hopefully we’ll be able to demo what our prototypes capable of during CDR. Software is still hard at work writing code for the robot and most recently, they have gotten very close to completing our new scouting app! Stay tuned for future details on how your team can utilize it. Lastly program management is finishing up the Chairman’s award and Woodie Flowers award that are due tomorrow as well as wrapping up the finishing touches of our brand new CDR video! Good luck to the other teams who are attending CDR as well!


Week 3: Crunching Down

The snow storm that hit the East Coast over the weekend cost the team roughly ten hours of work. As we try to make up for lost time and endure the obstacles the season has in store for us, one of our beloved mentors, Mr. Scanlon, reminded us that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” In spite of the weather getting rough around the edges, the team will persevere and will stop at nothing to achieve a spot at the Worlds competition. Mechanical is working on completing the wheels for the chassis and continue to diligently grind out the end effectors. Software has made lots of progress in writing the code for the hanging, intake, and shooting mechanism. Electrical is still working very closely with software members to troubleshoot and test the new hardware on the Magic Box. Lastly, program management is racing against time to finish the awards and preparing for, Critical Design Review, which is next week! For those who don’t know what CDR is, it’s an annual event held by Lockheed Martin where we present a slideshow of the previous year’s achievements to the board of directors along with several other teams that are in the area. In other news, a brand new episode of Storm Watch is up on our Youtube channel! Check it out in the link below!

Build Season Week 2

After taking a relaxing day off yesterday, the team has gotten ready to shift everything into high gear. Mechanical has already decided how to build the chassis after being inspired by past robot designs from a previous FRC game. The robot will be capable of launching the ball in the high goal as well as maneuvering over all of the defenses. While mechanical is hard at work with the main outline of the robot, electrical has recently completed our new test bench, the Magic Box 3.0. As of right now, they are testing our pneumatic and motor capabilities in preparation of what mechanical has in store for them. Software is working closely with electrical to run old code with our new hardware, and eagerly waiting for their shot at contributing to the robot. Last but not least, program management has been hard at work writing the awards, editing the safety animation, and updating the blog. An addition to all the work we have done so far, we have officially launched our new weekly vlog series, Storm Watch! You can check out the video in the link below.