Wen-Chen Chen

“I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

We all know that Thomas Edison didn’t make a properly-functioning light bulb in one go; in the process, he went through over a thousand failures before he reached success. Such is the same situation with robotics. Currently, the majority of the team members are working on improvements in a variety areas, or trying to figure out how to resolve different problems.

The build team is currently undergoing several instances of trial and error; they are working on the ball shooter by testing out different wheels and ramps to see which materials will help the ball to shoot more accurately, and they are also working on the hanger of the robot to ensure that it functions properly. The scouting team is fixing up a few things on the scouting app, with some working on fixing the user interface on the app and others working on pair programming for the codes. Nearby, the software team is currently fixing the issues with the robot’s vision system. For BAM, team members are finishing up the draft of the CDR video and are making final edits to the audio and the clips.

Living the engineering life is not always unicorns and rainbows. At bumpy times like these, perseverance is what keeps the team functioning properly. Hopefully the robot will be functioning just as well, when the final product is finished and ready to go.

Starting The Race Against Time

Hello guys, happy Saturday! Our first competition is in six weeks, and the clock is ticking!

Currently, the build team is split up in several sections, with each section working on different parts of the robot. A few people are working on the final gear collectors, so that the robot can pick up the gears efficiently to score big points during the game, while others are working on the bumpers of the robots by piecing together colorful, protective pool noodles. Yet some other team members are working on the ball shooters in order to improve the accuracy, so that the robot would be able to score points more consistently during the game.

Meanwhile, the software team is working on the tracking reflective retro tape as well as coders, to enable the robot to steadily drive straight. Afterwards, they will be working on other functions of the robot in order to make it easier to control and to drive in different directions. The scouting software has been fixed to prevent any more crashes from occurring.

The BAM team is on a major time crunch, as the CDR presentations would need to be finished in a week. However, progress has been quite good recently, so it should be no problem to finish everything soon. There’s plenty to work on in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned, and check back later!

The end of FRC pre-season!

And just like the way autumn comes to an end, the preseason is drawn to a close as we prepare to go full throttle into our build season.


In terms of mechanics, the chassis for the robot is just about finished, and the team is currently working on the electronic aspects. The chassis has a lot more potential than the one from last year’s, as the design is now more standardized, with a few more improvements to make the robot easier to control.

For software, the drive code and vision system, both of which are used in the programming of the robot, are also all set. In addition, by scouting, the junior members of the team have gained much experience since the time they joined the team, and will soon be able to work on the same par as the other more experienced FRC members.

The business and marketing team are organizing and finishing up various things needed in order to prepare for the upcoming kickoff, including planning activities that teams will participate in at the meet, along with putting final touches on the crayon project.


The entire FRC team wished everyone happy holidays! Hope to see you all at our kickoff at the beginning of the robotics season!

Fall Harvest Qualifier!

As I watch the world around me transition into a new season, everything is slowly painted in hues of orange, of pumpkins, bonfires, and glowing leaves.

And among all those orange things that come with fall, is the annual Fall Harvest Qualifier! On November 19, 2016, from 7 AM to 4 PM, both the FTC 4390 and FTC 7433 teams will compete at Cherokee along with about 15 other teams. FRC 2729 will be helping out throughout the day, and merchandise will be available at the event for purchase.

The game featured this year is Velocity Vortex, where two robots, one from the red team and one from the blue team, compete to see who will get the most points from claiming Beacons, moving the Cap Ball off of the Center Vortex base onto the field floor, and scoring Particles into their alliance’s Center or Corner Vortex.

Good luck to both FTC teams!

Outreach: Barnes and Noble!

How fast time is flying by! Thinking of stopping by at Barnes and Noble on Route 70? If so, come check us out this Saturday from 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM! Our former robot from the 2013 season, Electra, will be presented at this Outreach event. Spectators will have the opportunity to observe the robot’s functions while members work together as a team to operate the robot. After all, in this organization, cooperation is key to a successful season!

As for the rest of our team, the Build Team is currently building a portable and foldable ramp for a wheelchair while the Software Team is training new members and helping them familiarize with the different software used in coding the robot. It shall not be long before we enter the Build Season at full speed.

Hope to see you all at Barnes and Noble!