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The Importance of Organization

I’m going to break the mold of our traditional blog and talk about something that may seem of minimal importance to everyone. Organization. Now, the idea of being organized is a given for any individual and this goes doubly for a robotics team. It makes perfect sense right? There’s building materials, tools, hardware, light bulbs, […]

First Saturday Meet

Alright, the first Saturday meet after the last one was stolen away by the snowstorm. We need to use this seven hours to make up for the time loss and get some progress done on some more time consuming and important projects. Oh, we also will get to have some delicious lunch with regards to […]

Redesigning Storm

This season’s problems helped us see what needed to be fixed and how to confront them. It’s sort of like trying to find a way to eat disgusting vegetables on your dinner plate in the most efficient manner. The team is undergoing a top to bottom redesign and we aren’t just changing how we build […]

Wrapping Up Week 1

Today was our second Saturday of build season and STORM has made a lot of progress! All of our mechanical components have prototypes and the team has begun to CAD designs. To keep our team on track, an action plan was created. This allows the team to set deadlines and goals so that we can […]