Fall Harvest Follow Up & Other Stuff

Hey everyone, here's another update of what's going on in Storm. As many of you know and even went to watch, Storm hosted a Fall Harvest Meet at Cherokee High School. There was a huge turnout for the event and almost all the available bleachers were packed full! Fifteen FTC teams participated and Storm's FTC teams 4390 and 7433 participated as well. 4390 had a chance to play in the semi finals after being picked by the captain of our alliance team. Storm FRC also had a presence in the event by v...

Fall Harvest Qualifier!

As I watch the world around me transition into a new season, everything is slowly painted in hues of orange, of pumpkins, bonfires, and glowing leaves. And among all those orange things that come with fall, is the annual Fall Harvest Qualifier! On November 19, 2016, from 7 AM to 4 PM, both the FTC 4390 and FTC 7433 teams will compete at Cherokee along with about 15 other teams. FRC 2729 will be helping out throughout the d...

Ftc 4390 – engineering notebook


Our goal today was to fix some wiring problems and disconnections, and to string the arm. We also hoped to be able to test everything today. We had no team members here today that were experienced in electrical. A mentor ex...

Ftc 4390 engineering notebook


The drawer slides of the arm had a few problems that we had to fix this meeting. The arm kept getting stuck because when we were working on them before the ball bearings fell out. We found them all and put...