Hatboro-Horsham Recap

This weekend past (March 5-March 6) was Storm's first competition with our newly released robot, Hephaestus in the Hatboro-Horsham competition in Pennsylvania. All of our efforts throughout the build season accumulated to this point and we were all eager to see what our robot could do. Our team definitely showed immense enthusiasm and it's safe to say that we were one of the most excited teams because we won the Spirit Award, but we faced many difficulties and unexpected problems that challenged...

Hatboro Horsham!

  Here's a little update from our recent competition at Hatboro Horsham.

The team finished 6th out of 37 teams, captained the 4th playoff alliance, and won the Entrepreneurship Award. We need to send a special shout-out to members of our program management department on their work writing and submitting that award. Shout-outs also go out to those of you in the pits who represented the team wh...