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Who’s Ready to Drive?

Yesterday, there was a bunch of people sitting in the BAM room. If you know anything about the BAM room, you’ll know that it usually isn’t filled to the brim with such pleasant company. All of these people were taking the driver’s test (the robotics kind) to see if they’re eligible to pilot the robot […]

Stormy Iron Lemons

  This post sort of speaks for itself. Nice job with the graphics department to unite our sister teams Check them out! ( Iron Devils ; Combustible Lemons )

The Critical Design Review (CDR)

  This year, our CDR, Critical Design Review, or a presentation designed to display our team and the current season’s progress,  at Lockheed Martin went beautifully! The hours spent preparing slides and practicing public speaking paid off as the presenters were able to graciously explain their department and slides alike. We were also delighted to see Team […]

Videos and Website!

Videos In preparation for CDR (Critical Design Review) @ Lockheed Martin (one of our big sponsors) this Friday we make two videos.  One to introduce our team, to show what we are doing, and for some laughs.  The other is a montage of everything we have done so far, showing our progress and such. We […]