Who’s Ready to Drive?

Yesterday, there was a bunch of people sitting in the BAM room. If you know anything about the BAM room, you’ll know that it usually isn’t filled to the brim with such pleasant company. All of these people were taking the driver’s test (the robotics kind) to see if they’re eligible to pilot the robot when competitions roll around. Driving robots is a lot more than just picking up the controller and button smashing X and Y. All would be drivers need to know the ins and outs of the current game like they know the back of their hands. The driver candidates need to recognize and study the field elements and all the rules. Given that the rules are quite lengthy, the people hoping to control the robot must study all of the material at length. The test is an ongoing process through and the “written” section they just took is only the beginning. Best of luck for the candidates and may the best driver win!

There has also been some significant developments on Storm’s online assets, specifically the team’s wiki. Many members of Storm were left without work since the robot is close to completion so they took to the internet and added more content. The wiki isn’t just a BAM thing, it belongs to the entire team. The members who worked on the wiki applied their knowledge of mechanics, software, and electrics to create detailed wiki pages. All of this information will now be accessible to the team as well as the public. Team members can browse the wiki to educate themselves on the inner workings of the team while the public can get a glimpse of how Storm operates.

Storm’s baby shower for the new robot is fast approaching (probably on Saturday) so look out for and make sure to RSVP (okay, you don’t have to). Officially the “baby shower” is the Robot Reveal Day where everything about the bot is presented and even demonstrated to the team members and the parents. Many things to look forward to and most of the fun stuff is happening weeks away. Anticipation really doesn’t cut it when trying to explain the morale of the team. How about trembling in pure glee? ‘Till next time folks!

Stormy Iron Lemons


This post sort of speaks for itself. Nice job with the graphics department to unite our sister teams

Check them out! ( Iron Devils ; Combustible Lemons )

The Critical Design Review (CDR)


This year, our CDR, Critical Design Review, or a presentation designed to display our team and the current season’s progress,  at Lockheed Martin went beautifully! The hours spent preparing slides and practicing public speaking paid off as the presenters were able to graciously explain their department and slides alike. We were also delighted to see Team 1647, The Iron Devils, Team 5113, the Combustible Lemons, and Team 87, The Red Devils! They all gave their own presentations to the Lockheed Martin officials. Each team was able to learn and be inspired by each other through the presentations. To view a .pdf of Storm’s CDR click here! To see our montage, click the video above!

One element that was exclusive to the Storm CDR this year was our Scouting section. This year, we focused on our new and improved scouting app. To learn more about our scouting app and how you too can utilize it, click here to go to our scouting page.

Videos and Website!


In preparation for CDR (Critical Design Review) @ Lockheed Martin (one of our big sponsors) this Friday we make two videos.  One to introduce our team, to show what we are doing, and for some laughs.  The other is a montage of everything we have done so far, showing our progress and such.

We usually use Final Cut Studio 2 to complete this huge task, but our new Mac Mini was not comparable with FCS2.  So we have been using an Adobe Premiere Pro 30 day trial.  Our videos are completed and will be posted here on the front page soon!

Unlike previous year’s website running a CMS named Drupal.  This year we decided to use Google Sites, an easy WYSIWYG website editor.  This is really easy due to our district getting google accounts for every student with expanded space.
Some members are working on our online scouting tool.  It is coming along nicely and works on Android and iOS, just like this website.
Kevin Bohinski
Website and Media Lead