Mr. Hessler, one of the mentors for Storm, really likes hamburgers. He’s compared things from figuring out a multi-step physics problem to the dynamics of the FRC team to a hamburger.

And in a way, the robot itself is a hamburger, albeit a metaphorical one. The many ingredients- the lettuce, the cheese, the beef, the tomatoes, and everything else- all are put together to create a delicious final product.

Right now, team members are starting to piece the different pieces of the robot together, and we are well on our way to creating a fully functional final product. The hanger used for climbing and the apparatus used for collecting the balls are finished and is being attached to the skeleton of the robot. The brackets for the bumpers are just about completed as well.

Other people are putting the finishing touches on the gear collector and the ball shooter, to make sure they can operate at maximum efficiency before attaching them to the body of the robot as well. The ball shooter is now able to rapidly fire balls much more accurately now, and an agitator is being added in to make sure that the machinery does not jam up while holding multiple balls at once.

After everything is put together, along with the software such as the vision system that enables the robot to detect how far it is from targets, the team will finally finish the new robot.

“I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

We all know that Thomas Edison didn’t make a properly-functioning light bulb in one go; in the process, he went through over a thousand failures before he reached success. Such is the same situation with robotics. Currently, the majority of the team members are working on improvements in a variety areas, or trying to figure out how to resolve different problems.

The build team is currently undergoing several instances of trial and error; they are working on the ball shooter by testing out different wheels and ramps to see which materials will help the ball to shoot more accurately, and they are also working on the hanger of the robot to ensure that it functions properly. The scouting team is fixing up a few things on the scouting app, with some working on fixing the user interface on the app and others working on pair programming for the codes. Nearby, the software team is currently fixing the issues with the robot’s vision system. For BAM, team members are finishing up the draft of the CDR video and are making final edits to the audio and the clips.

Living the engineering life is not always unicorns and rainbows. At bumpy times like these, perseverance is what keeps the team functioning properly. Hopefully the robot will be functioning just as well, when the final product is finished and ready to go.

The Sky’s The Limit!

Good evening everyone or morning or night depending on your location. Storm is back to give you guys another daily update about what’s going on. People have made significant progress on their projects and announced when we can see working versions. The departments announced that many of the prototypes were practically done and required maybe a day or two to be finished. It seems like this year’s work plan has accelerated the progress of all of our projects. Not a bad thing, not at all.

About a minute into the blog and there’s already a functional shooter prototype out in the hallway, spitting balls 50 feet in the air (don’t quote me on that). The shooter concept is amazing though and could end up to a very efficient way for us to score and be a valuable member in our alliance. The shooter is even attached to our intake system which will also need to be working to get an exact working prototype. This design will definitely help us figure out how our bot might perform on the field. Another thing that will help us are a new pair of wheels ready to burn. The Build Team is fitting some new wheels on our shiny new chassis that is undergoing the robotic equivalent of a manicure. No seriously, people are filing down the edges to a fine point.

Software actually was testing their movement code during the weekend meet out in the hallway and there is certainly some oomph in those lines of codes (not literally of course). They are also working on the LEDs and talked about their functionality to change color when the robot is having some issues. And on the topics of issues, BAM is having some issues. Pun issues. BAM has decided that good old puns were needed for all of our Instagram posts and for our daily videos. Don’t worry, no puns will be spoiled in this post.

The anticipation of a finished product is sky high and there’s no doubt that everyone wants to see the real thing out in front of an audience. The day of the first competition might seem far, but it’ll be here sooner than we think. Here’s to hoping for a fruitful build season. Clap, clap, whoosh!!

Upcoming Events

The robotics season may be over, but Storm is still hard at work in preparation for events during the summer! Here’s a list of the upcoming events that will be happening these next couple of weeks!

  • End of the Year BBQ Party –  Tuesday, May 26th 6 – 8pm (set-up at 5:30pm and clean up at 8pm)
  • Radio Club Demo – Wednesday, May 27th (Time Pending)
  • Walk the Night Cancer Walk – Friday, May 29th (Time Pending)
  • Car Wash Saturday, May 30th 8am – 4pm – Sunoco Gas Station at the corner of Church St. and Elbo Road – 721 South Church St., Mount Laurel
  • Roadside Clean-Up – Saturday, June 6th at 9am at side road next to old Genuardi’s on Route 73 in Marlton (Family welcome)
  • Fourth of July Parade in Evesham – Saturday, July 4th