Say Hello to the New Scouting App!

The Scouting Department is always hard at work every season to develop a new and improved version of the already popular FRC Scouting Radar App. The new app still retains all of its previous functions of allowing users to scout other robotics teams digitally and convert this data to a QR code. The Master App scans this QR code and uploads this data into a spreadsheet for ease of access.  Both apps reduce the hassle and difficulties of recording statistics by hand. The previous app was downloaded about 490 times in eleven different countries. The vision behind the new app is the same as last year’s— to provide other robotics team with a tool to help them stay organized and to streamline their scouting process.

The Scouting Dept. listens to user feedback and addressed the problems found on the previous Scouting App. This year’s app hosts a suite of new improvements that other teams will appreciate. The amount of scrolling on the previous app was a bit cumbersome so the Scouting Dept. has applied a more efficient user interface. Users won’t have to swipe furiously on their phones and tablets to get to where they want. This new interface will improve overall user experience and increase the speed in which scouters gather data on the field. Speaking of speed, the new app runs faster than its predecessor which will also increase scouting efficiency.

Everyone here on Storm hopes that the other FRC teams find the app convenient in all their scouting needs. Good luck to all the teams out there and the blessing of top hats and welder goggles on thee. ‘Till next time!





Advantages to Storm’s Scouting App:

  • Contributes to the FRC community
  • Eco-friendly (no paper needed!)
  • Easy to use
  • No wifi needed
  • FREE!!


Online Scouting Tool!

The scouting tool is under heavy development, and things appear too be coming together.  We are currently working on creating the tools that will interact with each other in order to gather the scouting data.  Brian is building the input form that will be submitted to the scouting server, and Chang and I are designing the interactive scouting display.
Overall, we are progressing gradually through the bulk of the scouting tool, and will soon be on the home stretch.

-Andrew Bauer
Software Member
Scouting Tool

Scouting Data

This years scouters are working on creating a scouting system that will be able to record all information in a database as the competition progresses rather than after it ends.  This will allow us to make decisions at a competition based on the data from that same competition.  We plan to do this by using the network being built in the pit to also house the scouting data.  Scouting information will be gathered on paper during matches and talking with members of the teams, then recorded onto a computer that temporarily holds the data.  Whenever possible, the information will be dumped into the central database.  We can then use the computer to calculate the teams that may be the most interesting to us from all the gathered data.

-Andrew Bauer