Chestnut Hill FIRST Competition

WOW. Our first competition was great! Probably one of the best competitions we’ve had- not only did Donald Duct (2012 FRC Robot) do well but the support from the stands was phenomenal First, some stats and accomplishments to recap: – 8 wins, 4 losses, 4 Coopertition points, 21st place, Quarterfinalists – Winner of the Team […]

Tag and Bag Day Summary

Its the last day of the build season! And we’re all working hard to get the final touches of the robot complete. The drivers are getting some last practice and its been an interesting evening watching the robot go over the bridge.  We managed to tag and bag the robot around 10:30pm. Software did a […]


This just in: the robot is now operational, repeat the robot is now operational! Today is an important day for us: tomorrow we are presenting our robot to the parents: it will be Robot Reveal Day! They will finally get to see all the work that went into this. Software is preparing for the presentation […]

Love is for robots, too!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We’re definitely showing our robot, Donald Duct, a lot of love today. It’s more than deserving of all the attention we’re giving to it. I’m sure our significant others don’t mind, right? Today is notable not only for being Valentine’s Day, but also since there’s only a week left of build season! We believe that we’ve gotten […]