Deadlines, Deadlines

Whew! This week is going to be a whirlwind for the entire team, and particularly so for MMGF. Why? Well, several of our deadlines are this Thursday at noon: namely, the Chairman’s Award and the Woody Flowers awards. We’re hard at work getting both of these ready for submission. The Chairman’s Award is the really big award for a team – it’s award to […]

Website & Robot Update

Everyone has been working hard to reduce the weight of the robot. We have been replacing some of the heavier nuts and bolts with the same brand but lighter weight. It has been reducing the weight, and every little bit counts.Meanwhile, the website is improving still and getting a lot better. We have been trying […]


As you can see, our website has been remodeled into a cleaner, smoother look. It’s new and better just like this year’s competition season. We hope that all our viewers enjoy the new look just as much as we do. Let us know if you have any input! Today, MedMarGoFun (Media, Marketing, Go Green, Fun!) worked […]

Weight Loss…for Robots!

STORM’s 2012 robot is in the final stages of mechanical build. One thing still being tweaked is its weight. Currently, our robot weighs in at 119 lbs. The legal limit is 120. Knowing this, you would think we are well off when it comes to weight, but there is still a small but important percentage […]