Student Leadership

In 2014, the team created a formal student leadership program in order to better organize team operations and create more opportunity for student growth.  The leadership structure spans all programs and is open to active members of the team.

More information on the available positions and expectations can be found here.  We’d like to thank FRC 254, the Cheesy Poofs, for sharing their structure with the FIRST community and inspiring our structure.

Application/Selection Process

  1. Applications are collected
    1. FRC 2729 Leadership Application – Open October 3rd – 10th.  Interviews will take place on October 13th at a time to be scheduled.
    2. FTC 4390 and FTC 7433 – September
  2. Interviews with mentors will take place during a work meeting.
  3. Positions are announced within a month of the applications being collected.  Not all positions may be filled.
 2016-2017 Positions FRC 2729 FTC 4390 FTC 7433
Director Anirban Mukherjee Yashavani Dhawan Liam Anthony
Technical Lead Jared Janowsky Jason Jetter  Priya Shah
Director of Competition and Operations  Logan Worsdell Ethan Stillman Abhi Chauhan
Director of Control Systems  Maggie Doyle  Dan Hong  Ahmed Fouad
Director of Software  Mary Joseph Greg Hazen
Director of Scouting and Strategy Tom Orth
Director of Business and Marketing  Allison Mosley  Apurva Chanda Jessie Gage
Director of Team Outreach Marissa Martine