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This is the place for all your website managing needs! If you are a new team, you may be wondering, "why should our team have a website?" Well simply put, this is another form of outreach that doesn't particularly require the whole team to be present. If there is ever a moment where you need to refer back to past knowledge, just jump on the website and find what you're looking for. Managing a website is actually a lot more difficult than one might think mainly because there is a ton of information that needs to be recorded. Let's start with the beginning. To edit things on the website, log in with your given account at this link:

The Importance of a Website

A website for your team is vital for establishing the online foundation of all of your activities ranging from blog writing to an online calendar. A website is also a great a place to store all of your team's accomplishments and documentation. Your website should be public (unless it's being edited) so that everyone can see. Going online means that your team has the potential of gaining awareness from the people. If you're trying to gain new members, this would be a perfect idea! Students or adults can stumble on the website and see how amazing your team is (depends on the effort put into it) and may be inclined to join.

What to Add on a Robotics Website

Look at our website for some examples.

  • Photos of team and other cool pics.
  • Information about the team like it's back round, other sub-teams, etc.
  • Blogs for keeping in touch with the fans and explaining the progress of the team.
  • Contact info: a phone call or email is one click away
  • A place dedicated for your sponsors.
  • Somewhere to put your outreach or other community projects.
  • Information for parents if they want to help.
  • A cool banner and an organized layout.
  • Of course, you need a place so students can sign up.
  • Also add some sort of event calendar that includes the dates of your team meetings, competitions and other important stuff.
  • Makes some links to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc if you got them.

You aren't limited to the aforementioned ideas and there are a lot more things that you can add to make the website look professional.

Proper Website Management

A website isn't just a one and done sort of thing. The website requires constant supervision and updates when the team changes and goes through different events during the year. Make sure the website is updated (preferably everyday) with information. If something changes like who is director of the parent booster team, don't wait for like a month to change it, update is ASAP! Make sure your the info that you're posting is also correct. If you want to be considered a credible team, make sure you double check, even triple check your info before you post it. Your own team and others might use the info on your website and this worse thing that can happen is the spreading of inaccurate info.

Picture and video formatting should also be noted because the visual appearance of the blog should be inviting. You don't won't to have a picture adjusted to the right of the blog. You want to center it. Here's a quick tip for adding videos to the blogs. There are two options when adding forms of media. There's the insert tab and there is the "Add Media" button on the upper left. Do not add the video through the insert tab! It pushes it to the left of the blog space regardless of your attempts to center it. Use the add media option because it will automatically re-size and center it. Save yourself from the hair pulling.