Handel’s Messiah

Build Season is going way too fast – it’s really flying by. Want to see what our various sub-groups have been up to? Check it out:
MEDMARGOFUN (Media, marketing, Go Green, and…Fun!)
We have been working on newsletters, website design, and the CDR (critical design review) video for our presentation to Lockheed Martin this Friday.
We have been doing stuff for software to test and design electrical parts of the robot.
We have been testing codes on Brave Beckham, getting computers up to date, and working on camera stuff.
We have been working on the conveyor belt, the ball collection system, brackets and mounting for the shooter, the 3BA (pushes the bridge down and attaches to another robot if falling), and building drive trains.
​Our silly moment of the night:
​Mr. Knauss, our mentor, serenaded one of our members (to the tune of Handel’s Messiah) to submit to him a file he needed.

Conductor Image

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