Today, the meet started out with a rundown of what’s been going on with the team.  However, we had some guests at our wash-up (cameramen), as STORM is going to be featured on the LDTV channel.  Progress on all fronts seems to look pretty good, with all major components added to the robot. Unlike most years, electrical has done their part well in advance, as our electrical board is ready to be mounted on the chassis.
The electrical setup this year is focused on ease of modification, neatness, and reliability.  The main electrical board is going to be mounted vertically along the chassis, allowing for easy access, and it is removable if major electrical changes need to be done.  The heavier electrical components (the battery and cRIO driver computer) are going to be mounted off the board, at the bottom of the robot.  This will help out the drivers, as the extra weight at the bottom of the robot will keep it from tipping.  I feel like this year, communication between the various project teams is good, resulting in less design clashes. If we keep it up, I think STORM will be a force to be reckoned with at the tournaments.

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