Weight Loss…for Robots!

STORM’s 2012 robot is in the final stages of mechanical build. One thing still being tweaked is its weight. Currently, our robot weighs in at 119 lbs. The legal limit is 120. Knowing this, you would think we are well off when it comes to weight, but there is still a small but important percentage not on the robot as of now. So, STORM’s robot needs to lose a few pounds. So far, we have taken unnecessary and excess metal off the robot, and we are in the process of ordering some parts in lighter materials to replace them. Some parts we are replacing are shaft collars. We have ordered them in aluminum as opposed to a more heavy metal. We are also drilling holes in the sides of the pontoons in an aesthetically pleasing way to get rid of more weight.  All in all, we are in good shape… no pun intended. Stay tuned for further updates from STORM 2729!
Our robot is a little overweight...

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