As you can see, our website has been remodeled into a cleaner, smoother look. It’s new and better just like this year’s competition season. We hope that all our viewers enjoy the new look just as much as we do. Let us know if you have any input!

Today, MedMarGoFun (Media, Marketing, Go Green, Fun!) worked hard on trying to get a final design for the website. We’ve been hard at work blogging, developing storyboards, and fine-tuning the website so it looks perfect by our submission date!

This week our main focus was our shooter and the weight. We are not overweight as of right now, but we don’t have enough spare weight for the electrical circuit board and sensors. We have been drafting ideas to help the problem. Now with our shooter, we can shoot from a good distance ¼ of the court’s length. The main goal would be able to successfully shoot from mid-court or maybe even farther, that would ensure us points and even an ability to freely roam the court and be able to shoot at the same time.

​Stay posted for more blogs!

Our new website design has been tough, but rewarding.

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