Chestnut Hill FIRST Competition

WOW. Our first competition was great! Probably one of the best competitions we’ve had- not only did Donald Duct (2012 FRC Robot) do well but the support from the stands was phenomenal
First, some stats and accomplishments to recap:
– 8 wins, 4 losses, 4 Coopertition points, 21st place, Quarterfinalists
– Winner of the Team Spirit Award
– Winner of the Industrical Safety Award
– Team recognition from MOE (365) and Miss Daisy (341). Both huge honors from some wonderful veteran teams.
Now for some individual feedback I received from some different observers, not just judges but from all different teams (paraphrased):
– “I love watching your robot, it looks like a penguin but it’s effective.”
– ” I have to tell you, it was class move of your team to cheer for MOE immediately after losing to them.  It’s something I’d like my team to learn from.”
– “Where do you find all those spirited kids?”
– Not a paraphrase, feedback from a message. ” A GREAT team. Their enthusiasm infected the whole event and made us better for it.”
So, putting some of our shortcomings aside this was one of our most successful competitions in a  while!  The students, alumni, and parents were all AWESOME the stands with their support. The lunch support provided through the Boosters brought everyone together and made that part of the day super easy. Never seen so many people sporting Storm beads, bracelets, pins, and more.
The support and Gracious Professionalism were there and visible!  Thank you to all!
And scouting, wow!  Our alliance always knew exactly what was coming and was able to adjust most matches. Matches were won because of your contributions even if the robot wasn’t performing up to spec.
The safety award is a great example of taking some experience and revving it up. Great coordination by our safety captain and pit boss along with attention to detail by all earned us that award.
So what are the next steps?  Keep the enthusiasm, class, and support!  We have an opportunity to demonstrate and display our program locally in two weeks.  I know that if we go into this event with the same power we brought to Chestnut, there will be little disappointment. The robot and drive team will only get better.

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