The software team is accomplishing a lot, especially for this early in the season. Our goals are pretty lofty this year, we hope that the shooter system will be entirely software controlled. The drivers will only have to point the robot in the general direction of the goal, and the robot will turn to the goal, spin the shooter up to speed, and shoot the frisbees into the 3 point goal with near-perfect accuracy.

The vision system is currently in the works and making good progress. The speed feedback controller for the shooter wheel has been written, and will soon be tested on last year’s robot, which has a similar single-wheel shooter. Various sensors are being explored so that, if we choose to use them, we will have a good grasp of what needs to be done to make them work. Team members with less programming experience are being brought up to speed so that they can contribute as the season continues.

We’re making a lot of progress, but there’s still a lot to do if we’re going to accomplish all our goals!

Joe Doyle

Software Engineering Lead

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