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Ever since kickoff started on Saturday, January 5th, the different subdivisions of Storm Robotics have been hard at work brainstorming, prototyping, and ultimately testing the shooter and various climber ideas. The first few days weren’t exactly the most clear and concise though as after watching the game video over and over, it was understood that Ultimate Ascent would be a challenge as there could be many different approaches to this year’s game. In our approach to the game, there was a pretty big consensus that the three main issues that had to be heavily focused on were the climber, shooter, and then how to integrate both onto the chassis. One mechanical group focused solely on the shooter and there was a unanimous idea that it would be a one-wheeled shooter with a hopper-feeding system that also involved a device of sorts that would allow the angle of the shooter to be changed. The climber on the other hand involved much more discussion and collaboration as there existed a variety of ways to tackle on that issue.  Ideas were being thrown around consistently about whether or not to go up the face of the pyramid or rather the corner while many designs for the actual climber were being recommended. Storm members took their  own various designs and decided to split up and prototype the separate climbing ideas so both could be seen in action before a final decision was made. Finally, the chassis was a huge issue to focus on as the shooter and climber both had to be mounted on the chassis, but the fact was not consolidated or not if we should make a custom-design chassis or purchase a pre-made VEX one which had the right dimensions in mind and also various mounting points for the shooter and climber. Not even two weeks have gone by yet since build season started, but things are already starting to heat up and it will be soon enough until competition. 

-Vincent Liu
Competition Logistics

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