GitHub? What’s a GitHub?

The software team is making excellent progress! This year, we again chose to use git, a source code revision control system. Git makes keeping track of edits to our code extremely easy. Additionally, there’s no longer the issue of finding what code patch broke a specific subsystem, as we can view the history of our code and know exactly what change may be an issue.

Throughout the robot’s code development we can see each and every change that’s made, however Git also allows us to take a step back and view the progress we’ve made as a whole and make sure we’re on schedule for the build season! Another great thing we’ve done this year is put our code out on Github. Along with ease of usability because it’s web-based, I hope having our code as an open source project will prove as a good reference for rookie teams.

I’m really excited for this year’s competition! If we keep working hard as we have been, it should turn out to be an awesome robot and a fantastic competition season!

-Brian Decker

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